Recorded two days after a Kapotte Muziek show I saw here in Chicago, this was the Sunday show on the big tour with the Kapotte Muziek people (which also allowed for sets by Shifts, Goem, and Roel Meelkop) and the Stelzer/Talbot duo. Five people, hundreds of lineups! Anyway, like this disc, the Kapotte Muziek show I saw was better than I could have even hoped (and my hopes were high!). The trio of Franz De Waard, Peter Dumelinks, and Roel Meelkop do the sorts of things with coins, cups, plastic tubing, and contact mics that you see on sketch comedy shows when they make fun of "Modern Art." Mic’d up sounds of rattling coins in cups, rubbing shit against other shit, you know. Sounds like a four alarm drag, right? Oh ye of little attention span! With a bare minimum of mixing board trickery (bit of reverb, mostly), the three created beautiful, endless narratives of sound, thunderous seas roiling in reverse motion, magnetic storms overhead, rickety mechanical horses plodding across the beach for the thousandth time. The thing for me was, not to open my eyes. When I had ‘em closed, my mind imagined far away lands where green was pink and all the folksingers sounded like campfires. I made the mistake of opening my eyes a few times, and yep, there were some middle aged men rubbing shit against other shit. I guess from a "watch and learn" perspective, this was great, but it really blew the fantasy for me. No such possibility exists with a CDR…bring those iron beaches and rubber eight-sided rock formations to your front door. VHS video of performance not included.

V/A - SOUN one-sided 7"

The ongoing (maybe unconscious) contrarian response to comps like "The Harmony Of the Spheres" (a 3LP set with six artists represented), more and more comps with tons and tons of short tracks are floating up, including this, the smallest of them all, and the one that will rule them all with a tiny iron fist. A one-sided 7" containing ONE HUNDRED tracks from as many artists (I think…I haven’t bothered to count the list on the back). Some kind of "famous" too…Merzbow, Hrvatski (eww…not in my house!), Matmos, Ultra Milkmaids, Evolution Control Committee, Charlambides, that lot. And a couple generous handfuls of the kind of folks we like…Emil Beaulieau, Jason Talbot, Sudden Infant, Howie Stelzer, Knurl, Kyoshi Mizutani, Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock, that lot. Yes, let’s meditate on that again…ONE HUNDRED. One side of a jukebox platter (‘cept it’s at 33 and has the tiny hole…hope is lost for pairing this one up with Chubby Checker’s "The Twist" in your home jukebox) and a centi-lineup of noisicians. And yes, it’s exactly like channel-surfing the RRR catalog. No, not quite. It’s really like sitting on the couch with someone who’s channel-surfing the RRR catalog. And every time you hear something you like, you say, "Hey, wait, that looks good, stop!" But you’re already 5 more channels down the road. What was it Mr. Dinosaur says during his hyper-speed channel surfing in "Toy Story 2," "I can’t stop now…we gotta go around the horn!"?

SUDDEN INFANT - Sudden Infant's Turntable Cookbook CDR

I put this into at least four or five different "Top 10/15 records of 2002" lists, but I still can’t think of anything more substantive (or concise) to say about it than the Darby Crash quote in track 3: "They fuckin’ grabbed me like this and they go hippie." I wish I was wise enough to be that concise in my reviews, but of course, I trudge on, hoping something more descriptive will make my acquaintence.

One thing you can say about Sudden Infant, he doesn’t make the same record over and over. In the Schimpfluch empire, Rudolf is like a Schoenberg figure to Dave Phillips and Joke Lanz. Phillips is sort of the Alban Berg figure, the sensualist and the emotional one, in the way the most accessible of the three, his field recordings and screams and noises adding up to albums that hit you in very untranslateable ways, right in your heartstrings.

On the other hand, Joke Lanz (the Anton Webern by default) hits you in your face an awful lot. Y’see, Joke’s discovered turntablism now…no more fast-cut R &G style voice cutups, on-street field recordings…naught remains of the "punk series" but the punk. And the rap, and rockabilly, and instructional records. Why am I explaining this? The title says it all. It’s a turntable cookbook. Stir, season, reheat, and throw at your guests while it’s still piping hot.

The track in question, "And They Go Hippie," alternates the "Decline of Western Civilization" quote with a lilting pan flute (?) melody, which is backspun several times (perhaps Joke ordered a Zamfir recording while watching late night TV?), back into the Darby quote again. And again. Those of certain disposition find this very funny. Those with heart trouble don’t come to my weekly dinner parties anymore. It then kicks into this monolithic punk riff wall (BADAHBAHDAHBAHDAH) while the quote and the pan flute are thrown into a bag several more times, in hopes that they might mate and create the ultimate uber-tune, I guess. Other tracks also follow this formula. It’s kind of long, but unlike most 60 minute CDRs, this one gets extra high marks for actually being a DOUBLE ALBUM. There’s four defineable moods to the record, each about 15 minutes long, from the full-stop arrhythmia of "side one" to the more songsy flipside, the more textural and "grainy" side three and the very moody and contemplative tracks at the end, it actually warrants its length (a rarity these days!). Great multilayer cover (done on the relative cheap, those showing G.R.O.S.S. how it should, and can, be done), this is the best Gameboy release yet, and in the top five Sudden Infant albums. Hmm, looking at the Gameboy site, it appears this is recently out of print at source. Well, somebody must still have it. Quick! Check distros! No, not mine, big ones! Chop chop!

HERMIT - Moskva 3" CDR