COCK E.S.P. - Cock Street U.S.A. CDR

What do you mean you canít get excited about a new Cock E.S.P. record? Whatís your problem, man? I bet you stand and nod at a P-Funk concert too! Granted, "The Pride Of North American Noise" wasnít the hottest platter of sputz these dudes (now featuring dudettes too!) ever put out, but hope spring eternal for something as good as "We Mean It This Time" or even "Excessive Size Punisher," which was pretty shit hot for being part of their "new serious noise" phase.

This is not serious. Itís all the heck over the place, edited quick and flappyÖlike a 12 minute career overview, this skims through broken tech-a-no and cagey yowling faster than the family vacation through the the seedier neighborhoods in Toronto (where men dressed as women push handbills for "two for one manicures" into your pockets). Then the fun begins. After a minute-long Madame Chao remix (you can tell even without looking at the cover because of all the Simpsons samples) comes the highlight of the disc: a 19 minute interview with the newly augmented band (featuring a laryngitisíd Elyse Perez). Subjects range from the merits of Muppet movies to what you want played at your funeral. More bon mots here than fifteen full-length comedy CDs you could waste your money on at FYE, this is a real blast, like hanging out with the bitchiest guys in high school, and just giggling idiotically at everything they say. Then they start making jokes at your expense, which just gets you giggling harder. Really takes me back.