Fat Day IV officially get the "I should be listening to all these other records so I can review ‘em, but this is the fourth time I’ve put this on tonight" award for the month. A compulsively listenable album for people who define "listenability" as an album that bitch-slaps you alongside the head in twenty-one completely different and complimentary ways. Okay, maybe 15 REALLY different ways…three or four are of a certain type of bozo-head hardcore that are cut from the same (loin-)cloth, but you’ve also got a nose-pickin’ cuntry ho’down ("Ecay Day"), the virtues of sweet PB & J are trilled out 50 times in a row, Mrs. Steven Hawking Computer Voice will read superb non-sequiturs ("Bite X2," by Doug Wolk, the guy that put out Fat Day IV), and the brutally heavy "Magnus." Best part? It’s all CONCEPTUAL, maaaaaan. You can sit there at your computer while this record plays, stare at the pictures of the postcards that people sent in (and Fat Day used to write each and every track here, for free no less! Jad Fair and Momus suddenly seem a bit more money-grubbing, eh?) and say to yourself, "Wow, somebody really DID request that they sing ‘Ballsack, ballsack the wonderful fruit/the more you eat, the more you toot,’ as a round and then yell ‘X-Men!’" I’d name highlights, but I swear on some Viking’s grave, there really aren’t ANY lowlights…even the quadruple-speed cover of GnR’s "Patience" (ha ha, cute) "works itself out fine" here.

Frankly, this is my first Fat Day experience, so I’m still riding most high on what I suspect is there more "Fat Day sounding" stuff, the peel-layers-off-throat skreech hardcore of songs like "The Norse God Intervenes," "Natalie Wood" (contributed by my friend [and bandmate for about three practices!] Sam Leimer), "Ah, Satan" and "All Hail Christian (Necropolis)." The photo series that comprises the liner note artwork must be seen to be believed…I can’t possibly describe it in words.