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What it's all about...

This is a page of reviews not only about records, but also record labels. As we inch closer to an age where everything is owned by two people, underground record labels are getting more interesting (and smaller). Freed from the need to satisfy all of the people all of the time (or even more than 100 people at a time in some cases), labels are starting to really reflect the personalities and musical tastes and ideas of their founders, freed from conforming to one style of music or one target audience. I think that's pretty cool. It's not just punk labels or noise labels anymore, it's Blake labels and Eddie labels and Howie labels and Ben labels and Daniel labels.

Click on any of the links below to check out my fave acquisitons from each, as well as a few words about the taste and smell of each umbrella organization. Yes, very in progress. Below this are sections for some of my favorite artists. These will take a little longer, in the interest of making each individual page stylistically appropriate to the artist involved.

Those that would like to send me demos for review (particularly stuff from these labels!) are encouraged to do so, but should know that it might be a little while before I get things going, at least until this page develops a rhythm of its own. You should probably email me before sending anything, just to make sure.

Points To Ponder:

Label owner background:
Many of these people are friends of mine, and have told me (or say in their label literature) why they wanted to dump thousand of dollars into a money-losing venture. Look out for interviews with many of these people in the weeks to come. Maybe if we ask nicely, they'll tell us some of the pitfalls to avoid, should you or I want to try this at home.

Years in existence:
New kid on the block, or grumpy old man?

Some labels spew out great product so fast, they make you briefly consider taking a second job, while others will have a new 7" in your hands once every other solstice. One approach is not necessarily better than the other.

Migidum Count:
A subjective barometer of a label's derangement PH. Both weirdness of the bands on the label and the weirdness of selection of roster affects the final Migidum Count. A label like Load Records very consistently releases bands you wouldn't take home to mother (or leave out for her to see). tUMULt tends to release less bizarre acts, but the individual choices of artists (black metal to country to prog ridicliosa) boggles the mind with its inner logic. dual pLOVER scores high on both scales, since their records are both brain floggingly odd and completely all over two or three different maps. And before you ask, yes, I was the person in the back rooting FOR the Pritchett scale in Dead Poets Society.

Contact Info:
Includes mail address and website/email.

Available Here?:
I also run a small business called Migidum/Bligablum Distribution. Many of these records being reviewed are also for sale from me. Clicking on a "YES!" link will take you to the item's corresponding order page. Give in to your grown-up tastes.


April 11: 20-some-odd new reviews:

1. Blunt Instrument: Wrack n’ Roll
2. Barbara Dwyer: The Amazing Ron Brewer, Donkey-Man
3. V/A - SOUN
4. Kapotte Muziek - Live
5. Sudden Infant - Sudden Infant’s Turntable Cookbook
6. CD Player Virgins - Frozen Friends
7. Das Torpedos - Descendre
8. Hair Police - Movies Live ’01 - ’02
9. Nerve Net Noise - Meteor Circuit
10. Thurson Jenkins and Professor O’Ignance - The Toothless One Speaketh
11. Oh No, The Modulator - Semi-Formalizer
12. Mammal - Fog Walkers
13. Viki - Perfect Strangers
14. Joezef K - Nuclear War
15. Bunnybrains - Show Me The Bunny
16. Bunnybrains - Sin Gulls
17. Cock E.S.P - Cock Street U.S.A.
18. Howie Stelzer/Jason Talbot - Recent Work
19. Emil Beaulieau - Emil has a Relapse
20. Snake Charmer - Booji Throbber
21. Hair Police - Mortuary Servants
22. Currituck County - Instrumentals
23. Dribbins & Hightower - Live At Carlos Murphy’s Happy Hour
24. Zartan - Sidekicks

March 2: 27 new reviews:

1. 25 Suaves: 1938
V/A: Bulb Singles #1
3. Mikey Wild: I Was Punk B4 U Were
4. Mammal/Zombi: White Hot
5. Viki: Triple X
6. Burning Star Core - Romantic Fall: Live 2002
7. Midlife Vacation - s/t
8. Monotract: Pagu
9. Wolf Eyes: Live At The Bulb Clubhouse
10. Weakling: Dead As Dreams
11. Lightning Bolt: Ride The Skies
12. Lightning Bolt: s/t
13. Thee Hydrongen Terrors: Terror, Diplomacy and Public Relations
14. Dave Phillips: Live Aktion 011116 (3"CDR)
15. Skozey Fetisch: Spectral Freight
16. Crawl Unit: Everyone Gets What They Deserve
17. Joe Colley: Anthem: Static For Empty Life (3"CD)
18. Joe Colley: Untitled Piece for Chord Organ, Microphones and Electric Motors (3"CDR)
19. Pushovers: Loft Sessions
20. Purient: We Left In High Spirits
21. Smell & Quim: Titwank
22. Fat Day: IV
23. Rudolf split CD
24. Volvox: The Damage Begins At The Mouth
25. Pleasurehorse: Bareskinrug
26. Loren Boyer: Les Parasites Risquent De Se Produire
27. Greg Kelly, Tatsuya Yoshida, Kurt Newton: Field Recordings Vol. 1 - The Birthday Party

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